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Advance warning -- this post is completely O/T and a complete waste of time for any serious border collie person. But since it's under the heading "borderlier" (which seems to guarantee something silly!) I think I can just slip it in! It's a "how about this one little exception?" reply.


I completely agree with everyone that border collies, or any other breed, shouldn't be crossed just for the heck of it. But, just to be contrary, here is an example of a wonderful white dog in our family....




Here is the story. There was a Samoyed, who was his owner's favorite dog ever and was getting a bit old. There was a Siberian Husky, also her owner's favorite dog, and older too. She was allowed to have just one litter, with Mr. Samoyed, so that the owners could each have a pup. All of the other pups were spoken for before they were born, too. The picture above shows father Samoyed, Tundra, and Tundra's sister, who looks just like mom husky. Tundra is a wonderful, amazing dog! Perhaps this cross worked so well because both breeds are snow dogs and were bred for similar climates. Samoyeds were used for herding reindeer and pulling sleds, and huskies were sled dogs. Both breeds often lived in the owners' shelters with the families, so they have nice personalities. Lots of people are devoted to keeping their working qualities...


Samoyeds herding


Tundra's litter was a one-time thing.


On the cute puppy side, she was amazing! My DH loved to walk her. "Best chick magnet ever."






And she's a great friend to Daisy.



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Speaking of Borderliers, I have a question. I read several months ago or longer about someone that said their dog picked up on numbers in just a few tries. I tried to teach Ruger 1 thru 4 by writing it on his frisbees and making him fetch the number I called out. I cannot say that he was ever truly consistant. Teaching him right and left was fairly easy.


I know these dogs are smart. However, did this person have a Borderlier?

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Originally posted by Barb Scott:

I talked to the BREEDER (?) and he assured me it was an oops breeding that took place thru a chain link fence. Hopefully, that's the last time...


I don't know that I buy that story. If it was such an oops and happened through the fence, how are they sure who the dad was?


Not to mention just how irked I get when true "oops" mix breed litters get labeled as some designer breed. As if there isn't enough trouble with the intentional designer breeders. :rolleyes:

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