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A while back, someone asked for recommendations for a vet in the Durhan-RTP area here in NC.


Fergie & I went to Dr. Tarkington this morning. He has a little place in (honest) Triangle Square, at the intersection of Rtes. 54 & 55.


I'm thrilled! Even tho it took several tries to get Ferg's titre (She flinches worse than I do!), the whole crew was fantastic. The things that impressed me were:


They asked me to bring her records. I did, all 9 years worth. When we discussed the L in the combo vaccine, the vet tech knew that she'd had that as part of her vaccines each year until we started titres several years ago. Means she really did read the files I brought.


They did all the stuff right there in the room with me. Previous vet took her away for the blood tests.


They left me to wait while they attended, immediately if not sooner, to a pet rabbit who'd been attacked in its pen by dogs. I like their priorities.


Because this was Ferg's first visit, and she's 9, the vet spent ages with me discussing her, her history, what we all do together....


When I said where we'd gone before, he knew who the vets were. When I mentioned the one we'd used first (who'd left that practice very suddenly), he looked her up, found where she's practicing now, and told me so I could go there if I wanted.


So, if you're in the area and need a new vet, I heartily reccommend Dr. Tarkington's Parkwood Vet.

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