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Tex and the new food regimen


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As you all know, Tex has been hacking up a lung since I got him in December. For about 10 days now, he's either had Rebeccas guide to feeding her dogs, canned food and rice or nothing at all due to his tummy being upset. The cough has all but disappeared.

Thursday night we had spaghetti and my dogs love pasta. I cooked extra (like I always do) and each dog had a big bowl. About 2am, the coughing started. I got up and walked him around but it didn't stop and my husband finally kicked us out of the room at 4am. Tex coughed and I dozed in a chair.He stopped coughing around daybreak.

Yesterday all the dogs just got bones and meat scraps. Its funny to watch a Yorkie pulling around a hip joint the same size as his determined self. Last night, not one cough out of Tex. He sleeps on the bed and I was scritching his ears this morning while we were both half awake and the lightbulb went on for me. Tex just might be food allergic. I have no clue what he ate at his old home. She kept 12 dogs that I know of so I can imagine the economics of feeding that crew premium food. I'm so glad I found this board.This food discussion has been very helpful.

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