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Bath time???

Paul Hill

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Molly my pet collie seems to have what us humans would call dandruff!!

I've been using a dog shampoo on her called "ExmaRid" and this seems to work on her for a couple of days, then her itching comes back!!

Now I dont mind bathing her every couple of days or so, however I'm not sure if this does any damage to her coat this excessive bathing.

Does anyone out there know?????

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I would avoid much bathing. That can just make the problem worse as it may dry out the skin.


If your dog is like mine and it is simply dry skin, the addition of a tablespoon of fat (bacon grease, beef fat, fish oil, etc.) to the daily ration may help.


If your problem is due to an allergy, you may have to change what you are feeding. Some dogs are allergic to beef-based foods. Some grains, particularly corn and wheat, may be allergenic to some dogs.


Use the search function on these boards - food allergies, itching, and dry skin have all been discussed in other threads.

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