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I am looking for a source of detailed information on feeding a raw diet. Info such as nutrition, how to start, selecting foods, portions, benefits, storage, etc. Is there a particular book or website anyone might suggest?


I would be particularly interested in hearing from those who are successfully feeding a raw diet. Thanks!

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I have been feeding Raw for about 6 years now - My dogs have been extremely healthy -and resilient to problems and injuries. I have never had to clean their teeth. They have very little digestion problems, and their stools are usually firm (almost crumbly) and low odor. I have raised puppies on it and switched adult dogs over to it with no problem. I have a cooler that goes with me for "dog food" when I travel, and a small home freezer that holds about 200 pounds of food at capacity. Feeding Raw is a journey - you learn to adjust amounts and foods by looking at the dog, not by reading written directions. The Books I started with are :


Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats: The Ultimate Pet Diet by Kymythy Schultze


Give Your Dog a Bone by Ian Billinghurst


Both are excellent for getting started although you will find that every "guru" has his or her own theories and diets to follow.


2 other books that are excellent, from what I have heard, are:


Raw Meaty Bones Promote Health by Tom Lonsdale


Raw Dog Food: Make It Easy for You and Your Dog by Carina Beth Macdonald


I just checked, and All these are available on Amazon.com.


Basically, I don't follow any one diet to the letter - My dogs are on a diet that I can easily stick to and that is affordable to my budget. They eat a combination of a pre-ground frozen complete diet (BRAVO) beef or lamb mix (has small amount of veggies in it); and fresh chicken backs and/or turkey necks. They also get eggs witht he shell(raw and hardboiled) occasionally and large meaty bones when I can find them at a reasonable price. I freeze everything I buy at the grocery store- as a precaution (maybe just for my piece of mind). I also add a 1000 mg Fish body Oil capsule for Omega oils and a human Glocosamine/Chondroitine/MSM tablet every day.

As far as cost goes, I think the way I feed is about equal to using a premium kibble. I have a local grocery that will order 40 lb cases of chicken backs for me at 39 cents/pound - which is much cheaper than premium dog food. I balance that with the Bravo meat mix, which is pricey at $1 + per pound - depending on the meat type (they offer a realy wide variety). I've included their website to check out- also lots of good information on it. Hope this helps get you started.



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