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Boyden has the munchies big time


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Well, those steroids have certainly kicked in.


Boyden was so obsessed with devouring that mammoth bone that I finally took it away from him. Then I gave him a frozen stuffed Kong. He got done with that and went for a drink. It took him a while so I went to check up on him and he was in the kitty pan. He had pushed the thing away that keeps the door mostly shut. Five minutes later he was in the bathroom eating the cat food. :rolleyes:


He is so good in the house that this is totally unusual for him. I know he can't help it though. I've been there.


I was on a really high dose of steroids years back. A friend took me to the store to get some food. I got on one of those little electric cart things (my balance was bad for a while) and was zooming up and down the snack aisles, throwing everything that looked good into the little basket. :D It got full quick, so had my friend follow me with a cart.


I was whipping through the aisles and turned the corner too sharp I guess, and knocked over a stack of beer at the end of the aisle. Oops. :eek:


I feel sorry for my guy because I know what he's going through! I'm also a bit afraid to fall asleep. I'm afraid he's going to eat the furniture. Aside from that one bout of SA, he has made no attempts whatsoever to chew on anything that he shouldn't. When you have drug-induced munchies, it's like an obsession and you can't help it.

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