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How to shave paw fur?


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Actually shaving them is rather simple. You can get a small "wahl" clipper, about the size of a large marker with a very, very small blade. You can't even cut yourself with the blade (I tried to make sure) and then you can shave all between the pads and all. I do this during our wet season to keep the mud down. Realise though that the foot will be very tender when you take the cover of hair away.



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I'm a dog groomer so I get to shave anywhere from 28 to 40 paws a day ) When I was teaching grooming students I started them with a #15 blade (which is detachable from a more expensive clipper than you'd want to invest in). The reason I mention it is because I'm going to recommend a Wahl adjustable length trimmer/clipper that you can get from Walmart for $20. The difference is that this cheapie will cut slower than my high speed low drag clippers and should not be used for thick body coat or you will burn the motor out. They should not be used at their shortest length to shave the bottoms of feet and I suggest you start by using them on their longest length for a while. With the small handheld, battery operated Wahl I find that there is not enough power to get through foot fur (especially if the dog has been licking and there are mats in there!)and those blades are not sharp enough. Dull Blades can do more damage if they should nick a dog than a very sharp one. The small hand held andis or oster rechargeable clipper have a surgical blade on them and should be used by pros who know how to use them without causing irritation to the dog's foot.


If you need further instruction on the best method- let me know. I don't want to make this post too long.


Annette & the Borderbratz

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