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Bounce, could Tex have allergies??


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Hi Bounce,


Here we are getting lots of snow (much better than that D%^$#& freezing rain. Of course, I'd be happier if the snowplows were actually doing their job..that's another story!

Anyway, is it possible that Tex has an allergy and that's why he's still wheezy? I'm not sure how you could test for that without it costing a fortune, but I'm sure someone on the board knows more about allergies that I do.

BTW, I read the post about Tex holding the sheep! Wow, he did a fine job, didn't he!! :rolleyes: Give him a big hug for me!

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Hi Kris. We did get some snow overnight but I still had to take my precious cargo to school. They won't cancel the buses until we get 20 cm+

When I lived up there, I swear they had one plow between Blind River and Sudbury and the one sander was between B. River and the Soo.


Tex is doing poorly. Vomiting up most of his meals, though so far todays breakfast has stayed down. He's got a fever and I plan to try a different antibiotic. He has lots of energy and seems bright enough.

We have lots of drywall dust in this house so I'm sure thats not helping. My old Yorkie has allergies and asthma. Spencer is allergic to our cats. The current crop of cats are all smooth coated but our old Persian was tough to live with. Spencer would chew her paws to ribbons if the cat slept on our bed with her. We had steroids that Spencer took when things got bad. My vet is still convinced its just bronchitis with Tex. I will keep you updated. How do you deal with Zacharys problems?

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Zachary is on antibotics as needed. So far, he's doing really well, but of course, with all the snow, and not too much dust :rolleyes: in the house right now, it's not as big a problem. I suspect when the hay starts to grow, we'll be visiting the vet more often. Zachary sounds like he has a REALLY bad 'smoker's cough' when his bronchitis is acting up. I've been lucky, he's never coughed so hard that he's vomiting. BTW, Zachary had severe pancreatitis last summer, and that's when he was vomiting and coughing. Since all fat has been removed from his diet, he's much better.

Have you had a definitive diagnosis on Tex's eyes?? So they can do surgery? That's great. Just imagine if he could see the sheep

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Pancreatitis eh? Now thats interesting.

I'm really confused with Tex. On one hand, he's coughing and retching about 10 times a day. He skips meals but will still eat dog cookies and his bedtime chewy. I will not give in to his demands I share my people food.

On the other hand, he's lost weight and is turning into a naughty, frisky little bugger. He's back on his long lead because he's running all over and taking his time about coming back to me. He's playing with the other dogs, terrorising the socks and today I found him humping little Riley half to death. He's a happy sheep-obsessed dog with a nasty cough. We're back to the vets when these pills are finished.

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