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Need advice quick Rocket broke part of a tooth

Georgia Irish

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I really dont think it was with a frisbee. I noticed had chewed on a baseball hat and well the little metal beenie was broke on top and there was some blood up there. I told my wife I am surprised he didnt break a tooth and well this is when we noticed it. I have sought advice on this from numerous folks with almost all saying dont worry about it that Dogs have special teeth and it does not affect them like us. One person told me to go get a root canal. It looks like he chipped the top and upon chipping that it broke off part of the back. He actually seems to be catching the frisbee better then ever now. Well please let me hear what you all think and your experiences with this. Kind of worried about my little frisbee catching buddy but everyone is telling me no big deal. I heard there is only one dog dentist in Atlanta and well it is almost like a scam just to make you feel better. Opinions again.

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Georgia, It seems that we always find a broken tooth by accident, not because the dog seems to care. I don't know what most vets would say, but somewhere I recently heard that when a doggy tooth cracks or breaks there is some sort of natural "sealant", for lack of a better word, that protects the tooth. I think a root canal sounds a bit drastic.

How bad a break is it anyway??

JoeAnne Mirra, Sitka, Phoenix and crew

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