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Itchy Dog Recovering

P. Sherwood

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I got smart and took Fire to my old vet (unfortunately some 50 miles away so we don't go regularly). Anyway, he quickly diagnosed the problem as sarcoptic mange--put the little dog on Ivermectin and he's well on the road to recovery.


Apparently foxes are a vector, for those of you whose dogs run in fields and woods where foxes may gather.


Thank you for all the helpful suggestions.

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Sarcoptic mange is also "scabies", which I think sheep get? It is (or they are) mites which burrow into the skin--you can imagine how that feels!


Clues are: non-responsive to cortisone, itching primarily legs and feet some on the chest, can make little bumps or lesions, apparently easily treated with ivermectin. Has to be a series of either shots or oral treatment as you must kill the mites and then their subsequent offspring. Fire's vet gave him 3 treatments each a week apart.


Definitely worth looking into if your dog has a suspicious, seemingly incurable itch

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