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Poor Kincorra developed a limp about a months ago and it hasn't gone away.


It was a cool Tuesday afternoon, nothing special about it. I came home from work, put the leash on Kincorra and took her for a walk down to this new dog park they put in about 3/4 mile from my house. We walked down there where I unleashed her and let her chase the frisbee. There was nothing special about it but ever since we got home that evening she's been limping. I tried to find anything wrong with her foot, but no cuts, scrapes, thorns, stickers or anything else. When I feel up and down her leg she doesn't react as though she's in pain.


I waited about a week and finally took her to the vet and the vet came to the same conclusion. She gave Kincorra a weeks worth of anti-inflammatories and told me not to let her run/jump for a month.


I took her to a doggie chiropractor who straightened her spine but that didn't seem to help either.


Everyday it seems like it gets a little better and once she's up and walking around her limp goes away. It's when she first stands up and starts walking that it's real bad.


To me, it sounds like a stretched tendon or ligament, maybe from turning too fast or sliding on the mud that day at the park. A neighbor mentioned that it might be arthritis, but I can't believe arthritis would start so suddenly like that. The vet didn't seem to think it was arthritis either.


Even though she doesn't express any indication of pain, I'm real close to taking her in for xrays just to be sure.


Anyone know anything that might help?





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Hi Jason,


How old is Kincorra?


X-rays are probably a good idea if she doesn't heal soon. How long ago did this start?


I have a 2.5 yr old male BC who had surgery for OCD at about 10 months of age. He's fit as a fiddle now, but would not be had he not had the surgery. He also started limping after a game of frisbee and I could never get him to illiecit any type of pain response. When I took him in for the eval prior to surgery they got a yelp right away by bending his front leg up and then kinda pushing it up into his body (his OCD was in his shoulder).

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What is OCD?

I noticed that Jenna has been slightly favoring her right back ley since saturday. I cant think of anything that could have caused it, and a little worried because it doesnt seem to be going away. She is 11wks. If it was a pulled muscle, how long would it take to heal?

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I'm certainly not a vet but - I had a 3 year old male that starting limping "sometimes" and finally took him in for an xray and he had broken a "toe" - we think when landing from a frisbee catch. Good thing was the vet said (if possible) it was the "perfect" break and only required a period of keeping it wrapped and keeping him off it as much as possible. Hopefully yours will be something that simple.

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