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Cooling orthopedic bed?

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Samantha has arthritis of the lower spine. We just discovered this last fall, and fixed her a comfy, warm bed in her living room crate, and a very cushy bed in the bedroom. She really likes them.


However, with the warmer weather coming, we'll need to switch from comfy warm bed to comfy cool bed, as Sammi always seeks out the linoleum or tile in the summer. Does anyone know of any gel or other wise cooling orthopedic type matresses for dogs? Any input greatly appreciated.


Ruth n the BC3 (Sammi says thanks in advance!)

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Ben has gotten to that age (I can't believe it). I tried one of those cooling pads when we traveled last summer but like Julie I was disappointed. I offered a piece of stall mat instead and that works - it's cool and smooth but not really hard like the tile in my kitchen or the plastic on the bottom of a crate. And it's cheap. :rolleyes:

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Thanks for the replies, ladies. Rebecca, where did you get your stall tile, thru a catalog or a local store. I've got a great farm/horse/pet supply place close by, they've always been very helpful, so that's a strong possibility.


Our place has lousy air flow, so I think one of the things I'll do is rig a small fan to her crate and her corner in the bedroom. The other thing I was thinking of is those press together rubber tiles for kids, something like that might be cool and soft enough for her at the same time.


Thanks again,


Ruth n the BC3

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We got a doggy water bed ("Canine Cooler") for our old Maile in her last year or so of life. It was only about 1-2" thick with a foam core, and because of the water, it tended to stay pretty cool, relative to the air temperature. We got it bacause she would tend to go sleep on the tile floor when it was warm and that just made her stiffer. Also, being a plastic mattress, if she had an "old lady accident", it was easy to clean.


I would definitely recommend it.


We got it at:

Canine Cooler


Deanna in OR

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