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Blue/White bordercollie


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Can anyone help me. :confused: I have about 2 years old blue&white bordercollie pitch and she have one blue eye, other one is brown. Both eyes are health.

I want to know if I'm alble to mate her because of that blue eye? Is it possible or not, or most important, is it right?

I konw that two merles you shouldn't mate together and not two blue&white either.

If I mate my blue eye girl with some sir, may I register those pups at all??

I'm very happy if someone could help me.

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Not for money, if you think so

I only want to know if it's possible or not, nothing else. If it's not possible (for that blue eye), then I don't want my girl to be a mum.

I would want second dog, companyt to my girl and I have think options on that...mate my girl if it's correct or have a pup somewhere else.

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There is nothing particularly unusual about a border collie with one, or two, or a partial blue eye. It does not make the dog healthier, smarter or better able to work. It's just an eye colour, period. Ditto on the coat colour. It is among the least good reasons for breeding a border collie.


Although breeding for colour is pretty lame in and of itself, if you don't have any idea how to track the genetics of a colour or how to reproduce it, you aren't ready to breed a dog. If you have to ask the question on the internet, you don't know enough to breed.


We've had blue dogs in rescue. We've had blue eyed dogs in rescue. We have have virtually every colour, coat, size, shape, personality and age of dog in rescue.


Spay your dog. If you want another border collie, adopt one or buy one from a good breeder. There is no reason to breed your dog just to get a companion dog.



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