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hard to pin down spinal problem


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I know others have written recently on back trouble; however, their dogs' ailments sound quite different from Taylor's so I am writing this as a separate thread.


Taylor is 8. At the age of 6, he was OFA'ed and rated good. Several months ago, he started showing momentary lameness in the right hind and some stiffness. I thought he had an unfindable foreign object in a pad.


In the last few weeks, the stiffness and lameness increased. The wonderful orthopedic vet x-rayed Taylor's hips again. Hips look great. Dog shows no discomfort when pads are poked, prodded, and squeezed by an expert. The vets suspect Taylor has a problem in the lower spine but could not actually see anything wrong and sent the x-rays for evaluation by a radiologist who is probably not going to see anything either.


Has anyone else had a dog with an indefinable but quite real problem like this? The vet does not think that the lameness and stiffness are either tick-disease related or simple muscle strain. Taylor is on a good quality joint supplement.



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My girl Samantha was just x rayed for hip and possible back problems in October. Our vet found that her hips were pretty good for her age, (almost 10) but that her lumbar and sacral spine were showing some arthritic changes and spurs.


Her symptoms were marked stiffness rising from a sitting or laying position, bad limping during a sudden cold/rainy spell, and slowing down a lot in her desire to run after the ball, which also meant a loss of muscle mass in her hindquarters.


The vet did a shot of her hips, tummy side up, and a shot from both sides of her lower spine. It was actually pretty easy even for me to see the arthritic deposits.


His advice, Rimadyl when needed, and a big cut back in physical activity. She hasn't needed the Rimadyl yet, and is doing well, even in the colder weather of Dec.


Hope this is helpful.


Ruth n the Border Trio

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