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Joint supplements for Aussie

Sue R

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While at the Frontrunner SDT a couple of weekends ago, I got into a discussion with another woman about joint supplements. My senior Aussie (12 1/2) has been experiencing some weakness in his hind end. X-rays show his hips to be fine.


This woman gave me the name of a supplement that had been used with very nice results on a younger Aussie of her acquaintance. I have (not surprisingly) forgotten the name of the supplement, but I am quite sure it's not Cosequin.


If you are that helpful woman, would you mind giving me that information again? Thanks!

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Thanks, Christine! I will do a search on that on the web.


That's not the product the woman I was speaking to mentioned. but it sounds reasonable if many of the good handlers use it.


I'll check it out. Thank you!

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Christine, I ordered some of the Synovi granules to try.


No, Philo, it was some sort of brand name. But, thanks!


I am also considering (depending on how the Synovi works out) making up my own fomulation but using bulk powdered supplements from the health food store (like GNC) and mixing my own for Mac. I have some info that has been posted on another board, from some folks who have gone that route and felt they had positive results.


I'll try the Synovi first and see what happens. Thanks for writing!

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Hey Sue,

I have used the Synovi with incredible results on Tucker and Grace... Tuck for his back injury and Grace for her knee (hit a stump at 6 months and had a probable partial tear to her crutiate) I also use it on Libby as a precation and my old Dalmatian (14 yrs) who was losing strength in her rear end..(after only three weeks, she is back to her old self and running outruns with the Border Collies.)


Anyway, the only thing I can add is that I use 1 whole tablet vs the rec. 1/2 for my dogs.


Hope it helps.

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Thanks, Sam, I'll keep that in mind. So far, I have only heard good things about the Synovi. The cost does not seem out of line - if it does the job, it will be well worth it.


I have a few other options to look at that I got mainly off Bill Gary's board, if this doesn't work right for him.


Looking forward to seeing you sometime down the road! I'm off to Lisa's for the weekend (her root canal - I'll be there to lend moral support) and Saturday at Vicki Hughes'. Wish us luck - all Celt's runs are on goats and he's never even seen a goat before! They just don't let such inexperienced dogs run on cattle.


Did you notice that one of the jackets on the rainwear thread comes in the color called Margarita? That way, you can wear your Margaritas both ways, and still stay dry (in a manner of speaking).


Thanks again!

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Because of this thread I ordered Synovi G3 for our rescue GSD, who has had more than his share of orthopedic misadventures. The latest was with the manure spreader which resulted in a messed up hock joint and surgery. He has been on glucosamine supplements for several months.


I think the Synovi G3 is already showing results. He is moving better than he has for a long time(he also has some hip dysplasia). Thanks for this information.


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