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Odd diahrea and eating problem


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This last week, Fergie has been acting odd - with one incident of a little vomit, several of diahrea, and lack of interest in eating.


I called the vet, who said it would not be a problem unless she had constant vomitting and diahrea or refused to eat at all for 72 hours.


Today is typical. She slept fine. On our morning walk, she pooped just fine. Then she brought in the paper and enjoyed her cookie pay. But she didn't eat her kibble until I put a teaspoon of pumpkin on it. Then she enjoyed the bits of apple and banana she gets from our breakfast. On her next walk, she strained to produce a sort of green slime. She has still been her usual active and playful self. And wanted her chewey stick at lunch.


She was completely normal yesterday and the day before. But the day before that was like today. And the morning before that, she went downstairs early and vomitted a little liquid with s abit of grass and 3 unripe persimmons. BTW, this dog loves persimmons and eats whatever ripe ones she finds and the occasional under-ripe one if that's all there are.


She always eats grass - we often define her breed as Holstien. But we are trying to keep her from grass, persimmons, deer and other poop....


She is about to turn 9 and had been on the same kibble for years. And the same grass, persimmons, deer poop....


If you folks think a vet should see her, I'll try one of the others near here. I'm rather put off that ours put me off when I was willing to pay for a visit. Maybe I'm wrong. But I really worry about my best friend.

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The only thermometer we have is the one we use. I'm just not up to putting that where I should for her. Heck, I was never able to do rectal temperatures for out kids. That tip just looked too long and pointy. They ahve all survived into their 30s - despite me. And I'm not sure how well the cover work or how I can "autoclave" the thing.


We don't lwt Feerg out without us. But we do let her off leash in our end of the neighborhood and around the pond we all turned into common land. And we do try to keep her in sight and not noshing on kitty tootierolls or various poop. But that is a constant. And this is odd.


Is it possible that the glucosamine we've started giving her twice a day could be the culprit? She is going down the stairs a tad differently and is running a tad differently. And she is almost 9. So we thought the glucosamine couldn't hurt. Could it?

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It's possible she's allergic to something in the pills you're giving her. Take her off and see if she feels better. Then try them again to see if she feels bad again, and to make sure it wasn't just a bug to start with.


I'd keep a pretty close eye on her though, it's possible she swallowed something that doesn't want to come out.

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