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I have a 4 year old BC who split the webbing between one of her back pads over a week ago and managed to do it again yesterday. Suddenly my dog goes from being perfectly fine to 3-legged lame. We have a couple of agility trials coming up (one next weekend and one the weekend after) and I was wondering what I should be doing to give her the best chance of staying fit. I thought things were fine until yesterday and I have been told they take ages to heal properly. She is not getting a walk for the week because I want it to have a chance to heal plus I have it bandaged just to try and keep it together. So its bandaged and socked to keep the bandage on and I am trying my best to ignore one whinging BC who after 1 day of no walks its already driving me crazy - well I gave in tonight and let her have a small walk on-lead and only on grass. I was suppose to be having a herding lesson next Saturday as well as agility but I am thinking I might cancel the herding lesson as I don't want any risks. Anybody got any suggestions - I am desparate!!!!


Sally and Ness

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I have had pretty good luck with split or burned pads using "New Skin" a liquid bandage that you can buy in any drugstore. Make sure you clean the wound out well first and let it dry completely before applying the New Skin, because the New Skin seals it shut, and forms a waterproof layer, so you don't want anything trapped underneath. It does sting when you apply it for a few seconds, so it may help to have someone restrain the dog while you apply it, especially on a rear paw. I've had dogs go from three-legged to sound in a matter of minutes with the stuff.

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