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As a good many of you know, because of my silly neighbors and their massive amount of dogs...I'm having to fight a flea problem. It really really SUCKS because my dogs have never had flea issues before - ever - and the fleas are driving them, and us, crazy. We were "flea free" for about a week and then, you guessed it, back again. (Just as soon as the eggs hatched...YUCK.)


Anyway. I absolutely hate using chemical products on my dogs. I've relied on garlic for goodness only knows how long but it appears that I need something stronger now. We used Frontline last month at the same time we treated the house but...well. It's just crazy-expensive around here.


I'm curious to know if any of you have used BioSpot? Is it as good/better than/horrible in comparison to Frontline? I've not heard a great deal about it and the lady that grooms the dogs sells it.


I'm considering (after I get some opinions from you all) having her treat them with that when I take them to be groomed on Saturday (WHILE the Terminix man is here spraying our house with even MORE chemicals.....watch me pull out my hair in frustration, now.)


Anyway! If you have any information or opinions on BioSpot, I'd greatly appreciate it.



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Get some diatomeceous earth from the the garden supply place. Make sure you get food grade. Sprinkle it liberally over the carpets, in cracks and crevices along baseboards, even on your furniture. Take a broom and sweep it in to the surfaces. Leave it for 3 days, then vacuum up.


The DE will kill fleas, now and until you shampoo your carpets. It is not toxic to you or your animals, though you will want the critters outside and you want to wear a dust mask. It can irritate the lungs. I swear by this stuff.


For more info, go to askthebugman.com. Dr. Fagerlund will briefly answer email questions, and there is an FAQ about DE.


Ruth n the Border Trio

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