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Remi's Surgery


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I wanted to update everyone on Remi. You have all been so wonderful that I feel like I have family on the boards.


Remi?s surgery was supposed to be this Wednesday, but we have to postpone it for 2 reasons. The first being he has a mild infection in his foot again. We took him to the vet who didn?t seem concerned and the antibiotics have already made a big difference but we feel it is better to wait until it is completely cleared up for safety reasons.


Unfortunately I don?t know when we will be able to do it. I have had a pretty bad relapse. I think I said that I was really sick when Remi was a puppy and he took care of me. Well I have taken a turn for the worse per se. They are running some more tests but everything is pointing towards surgery very soon. Obviously I can?t have Remi recuperating while I am in the hospital. I just feel awful for him. I have been telling him for a month that he would feel so much better in September and now I don?t know if we will be able to have the surgery until next year. I am also worried about what affect this will have on the success of the surgery. I don?t know I am just worried I guess.


I have another story that I will post in the copanion section.


Sorry if this post makes no sense I am on a lot of narcotics and am easily confused.


Again, thank you to everyone that has calmed my fears and made me feel better.

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Sorry if this post makes no sense I am on a lot of narcotics and am easily confused
I'm easily confused without narcotics.


Take care of yourself first. You have to be functioning in order to take care of Remi.


Sending good thoughts your & Remi's way.



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