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Hi, I just joined and I figure I should do an intro because I have been posting and I don't want people to think "Who the heck is this?"


My name is Laura and I have a 16 month old BC mix Emma. I also have two other dogs (boxer and a pit bull). I play flyball, and I take endless agility classes however competition still eludes me. I have to say my little BC mix girl really has us hooked on the breed, I would love to get a pure BC, but I want to hold off until Emma is older.


Glad to be here!



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Hey, Laura and welcome! I'm new here, too, with my bc mix and lab mix. I had to laugh when you said agility competition still eludes you, that's the boat I'm in, too! :rolleyes:


Be sure to post some pictures of your dogs, if you can, I love to see them.

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Hi! I just joined, too. I am looking for a way to train my dog and use him in search and rescue in my area. I am also looking for the regulation equipment for agility training.


Presently he is training himself on cattle, as he has no other dog to guide him. Though I am using the wrong commands (because I do not know them) he is doing a great job for me.


He does need more things to do. He like to search for treats, but I would like to refine that and have him certified or allowed to work for the sheriff search and rescue along with me and my horse. Thank you, Monica

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Hi, and welcome! (and pics please :rolleyes: )

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