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Biopsy Scheduled for Friday

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Thanks again! Right now she is getting ALL of my attention, since Rob is off camping with my daughter. She is loving every minute of it.


Vicki, my brother brought over his very nice Nikon Digital on the 4th and we used Briar as the model for the action shots. Nice camera! Briar loves flying, wish I had a video, she does this little turn in a circle thing before she leaps. It's hilarious.


We keep all four to the ground most of the time. She would much rather I have a chuckit in my hand so she can do a long outrun for the ball. A friend says she is cheating when she takes off from my side. I told her to watch a trial sometime, Briar has a great outrun.

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Dropped Missy Briar off at the vet this morning. She really did not want to go in there again! Biopsy should take place in the next hour or two. I wasn't going to come to work today but I would just sit at home and worry about it so...


Told them to call me as soon as she can come home this afternoon.


Results are suppose to be back by Tuesday.

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