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Blood in Urine

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On Sunday we had some guys taking a tree down in our back yard. I kept the dogs in the house for about 4 hours, we were still busy unpacking from the move and cleaning up. When I took the dogs out to pee Briar went right to the grass and went. She is usually very private about her nature calls but this time she had to go. I was right behind her and saw that her urine had a brown look to it. I immediately called the vet and she said it was probably just really consentrated and but to bring her in just to check.


We went in on Monday and vet confirmed blood in the urine, but saw no bacteria or anything. She put Briar on antibiotics for five days anyway and sent a sample to the pathologist to look over.


Vet also did ultrasound of her bladder and everything looked normal there. Briar is on pheno for seizures and we recently (a few months) had bile acids test to check her liver. That looked good. Vet says she is consentrating her urine, wish means kidneys are working good too.


So now it is a waiting game to hear from the pathologist. Briar is her same old happy active self, no fever and no behavior changes. I would have never caught it if she hadn't really had to go.


If anyone has any experience with anything like this let me know.

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I had two cats, 5 years age difference, when I lived in upstate New York (north of The City and south of Albany, in the Hudson valley). Both had blood in their urine from what the vet called gravel. It was tiny crystals caused by the local water and the urine.


We almost lost the first cat - had no idea that cat urine wasn't brown!


Had to give them, first, very expensive tiny red pills - then, when we got smart, cheap crushed 50mg Vit C crushed on their food. Also, low ash food. ANd the problem mostly dissappeared when we moved - different natural chemicals in the water.


Don't know if dogs get the same problem. But it's worth considering.

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Cheri, my previous bitch had blood in her urine at one stage. Vet did bloods to check kidney function which was OK, so he assumed an infection and put her on antibiotics (probably Clavulox) and that fixed it. (Interesting thing was that the blood test also tested among other things pancreatic enzymes - which in Jess's case were out of whack - vet's comment was, if he wasn't seeing a perfectly healthy dog in front of him, he would have assumed the dog had pancreatitis! Guess she was jsut a bit unusual.)


Hope Briar gets on well and that the antibiotics fix the problem as they did for my Jess.

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Well just heard from the vet who spoke to the pathologist at the lab. Everything looks fine, except for the blood. There are no crystals, no bad bacteria, no abnormal cells and still no explanation. Vet is going to leave her on the antibiotics and we will do another unrinalysis in a week.


Vet thinks she could possibly have bleeding in the tubes that run from the kidney to the bladdar, she says it is not common but not uncommon either.


There is no behavior change in Briar at all and she is her old happy self. So we are heading out Sunday for a weeks camping and fishing with the vet's blessing. The dogs love these trips and I was so worried we couldn't go.


See yah all when we are back.

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Back from our week in the mountains and Briar still peeing brown. Went to the vet on Saturday when we got back and she did a bunch of blood work this time. Clotting factors, platelet counts and chem panels. ALL HAVE COME BACK PERFECTLY NORMAL. Now what???? Vet is going to talk with head vet and see where we go from there.


She is still her happy self and had a great time on vacation, so that is the best thing I could ask for right?

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