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Day of the dogs

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I swear yesterday must have been go nutts day for the dogs on my route. The first incident happened right after I got started. There was a truck in front of me. All of a sudden, this large pit came out of nowhere to chase the truck. He realised at the last second that he'd misjudged his mark and almost ended up under the front tire. It was a real close call. So of course I stopped and started beeping the horn to get someone's attention and tell them that their dog almost got creamed. Then they started coming out of the woodwork. A large eskimo dog came from one side of the road, and a tiny little pomeranian from the other side and decided to tag team me. (I've dealt with these two before)

By that time, the guy who was driving the truck had turned around and come back to have a talk with the owner who I dont think was home anyway. Why oh why do people let their dogs do this? :mad:

So anyway, later in the day I came across a little beagle standing in the middle of the road looking really confused. No collar of course. My guess is that he was dropped. A lot of the hunters do that in this area. If they decided the dog is no good, they just take the collar off and dump it somewhere. I beeped the horn and went on past. But when I looked in the rearview, he was just a truckin it after me. :rolleyes: Me, being the sucker that I am, stopped and waited for him to catch up. Luckily, he decided that he'd rather go check out a pasture, instead of coming for a ride with the mail carrier. I figured, at least he wasnt in the road anymore, so I was in the clear.

Then on the way home from work, there was a white pit just standing in the middle of the road. So I laid on the horn thinking it would scare her away. She just looked at me like I was stupid. I stopped a couple of feet away from her and kept blowing the horn. Then she did the dardest thing. Instead of going on her way, she walks up to the car and starts sniffing the grill. :confused: So I had to just sit there until she moved.

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You certainly had quite a day! There is just no accounting for what people and dogs will do! I cracked up when I read about the pitt! How arrogant can you get! LOL But I know it is serious! One day, she will get a sniff of a grill all the way to her butt. Hopefull, next week will be better! Since you got so much in just one day!

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Sounds like too many loose dogs in your neck of the woods! Our mail carrier tells me that she sees a lot of dogs running around in the yard and streets, too. That surprised me, because the animal control guy loves to drive around in my neighborhood and hand out tickets for unleashed dogs. Also, although my neighborhood is residential, there are still a lot of cars!


I'll bet you have a lot of canine stories you could tell. Glad you were able to finish your route without a catastrophe.

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Yikes! That's a lot of loose dogs! My dad was a mail carrier (for Canada, though)... he always had the oddest and funniest stories to tell about the animals on his route... like an attack cat (not kidding, he said it was the most vicious pet he met out of all the animals he'd ever seen!) and some horribly behaved dogs and some really sweet but "acting tough" dogs. It's quite the job.

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