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Home UTI test?


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Our 6 month old has hit a bump in the potty training road. We've gone for many weeks without an accident until 2 days ago when we had 4. She seems to realize she's gotta go and then goes...usually after a play session. She would ask before and could wait a minute or two while we put things down to take her out. Last night she had an accident in her crate while we were away, followed by an asking to pee, then actually going in the hall. And this afternoon it was after a play session while relaxing with a bone. It just happened, she never even asked to go out.


I'm wondering if she's got another infection. This would be her 4th one now. I'm getting pretty sick of taking in pee for testing, getting charged a bunch and not really having any preventitive care advice given.


Is there a way to do a home UTI test? I was told by the vet that Cranberry could help, but only with certain types of infections...not all.


She's on Solid Gold kibble and gets about a cup and a half a day - split in the am and at noon. Her pee problems have only happened in the early afternoon and into the night. Even though she plays like mad in the morning too.


The urine is not SUPER strong in odor. Her previous infections have smelled really, really bad. This isn't very smelly at all. Normal, I think. She doesn't seem to be going much more than before - maybe a tiny bit...but it's also been warmer and she's been playing hard enough to pant.


It does NOT seem to be getting worse. If there is any preventitive measures you guys know about, please let me know. I'm sooooo sick of this happening every month. Grrr....


Denise and Marzipee's

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Ok, I may be naive hee, but how do you know when you dog has a UTI? I am nurse and know when people do, but am clueless about dogs as they can't tell me it burns. Kim, 12 wks now, seems to go frequently (like most puppies)...but doesn't always seem to empty her bladder fully the first time and goes again maybe 5 min later. Is this normal, or something I should watch? When she goes on her pad in the night I have not noted an odor.



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Signs are:

* Increased frequency (above normal for that dog) but with small volumes


* Straining (staying in the position for a long time but not producing much)


* Inappropriate urination (conscious urination - the dog knows she's urinating, ie, is in the squat position, but can't wait long enough to get outdoors) - this presumes a housebroken or at least partly housbroken dog who suddenly changes behavior


* Blood in urine


* Abnormal color to urine

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Originally posted by Smitten4Kim:

Kim, 12 wks now, seems to go frequently (like most puppies)...but doesn't always seem to empty her bladder fully the first time and goes again maybe 5 min later.

Piper still does this, and she is 15 months old and has never had a UTI. She gets distracted by something (like the wind, a leaf, imaginary voices - who knows?) usually during her first pee of the morning, and has to squat again within about 5 minutes. It's just her way



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