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Tricks and other "brain" activities instead of exercise!

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Hi Everybody

I posted a couple of weeks ago regarding over exercising my young BC. Many thanks to those who replied to this post. I felt more reassured after reading your replies. I have only just caught up with your replies as I have been away for 2 weeks (with Rose). Tassie said that there was "baby agility" and "baby search" that I could do and I wondered what these meant. Also, I want to buy a couple of books, one on rearing a BC and another which teaches me to teach Rose tricks. She is doing ok with her basic sit, stand, down, stay, wait for food etc. but I would like to teach her other things to keep her happy. I have been on Amazon and there are to many!! I was thinking of one of the following "How to Teach your Dog to Talk" by Haggerty, "The Everything Dog Training and Tricks Book by Bielakiewicz or "Dog Tricks for Dummies", for the tricks. Can anyone suggest an all round book for the rearing and caring for a puppy/young dog/adult. I don't want to make any more mistakes!! It's a bit difficult when there are so many books on offer and I know that some of them will not be as good as others. Any help would be much appreciated.

PS I was worried about taking Rose on holiday because she had only just started to get good with housetraining (or I had been trained!) but she was wonderful. In fact, she started to go to

the outside door and whine to go out, so then I knew that she had finally gotten the idea!


PPS What is a "holey roller"

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Pixie ? you?re right ? there are lots of books out there. Everyone will have their favorites. Here?s one I quite liked ? not saying it?s the best or perfect, but it shouldn?t do any harm!.

How to Teach a New Dog Old Tricks: A Sirius Puppy Training Manual by Ian Dunbar


There are also lots of good articles on the Net. Try the links on Kim?s Black Dog Farm site http://www.geocities.com/black_dog_farm/BCLinks.html. And on some of the clicker training sites there are some useful hints.


Don't worry too much about making mistakes - our dogs are remarkably forgiving if for the most part we try to be calm, fair and consistent. I doubt any of us can say we get it right all the time - I know I don't. Be clear about the rules of the household, and try to apply those consistently, and otherwise, have fun, train little and often, and make sure you end each training session on a good note (even if it's gone badly before) - just ask for a sit or something easy, reward and quit for the time being.


Have fun with Rose - sounds like she's learning quickly already.

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I would stay away from any book by Captain Haggerty. Just my opinion. I really like RDM's suggestion of Ian Dunbar. I also think Jean Donaldson's Culture Clash has some really fantastic puppy-raising advice in there.

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Pixie, a holey roller is a hollow rubber ball whose walls are so full of holes it looks almost lacy. Here's a picture of one:




Because of the holes, it rolls in an intriguing way, and it's even more fascinating if you push another ball or a squeak toy through one of the holes so it's inside the holey roller.




That's a holey roller with a tennis ball inside, which the pup can see but can't figure out how to get to. Although, given enough time, they do find a way, and it spells the end for that holey roller.

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I had a Jolly ball which is similar to the holey roller with the tennis ball inside. The jolly ball is made of a hard plastic though. The fact a second ball was inside drove my poor pup crazy! He tried to chew his way inside so the edges of all the holes became sharp and I had to put it away. I'll have to try the holey roller.

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a holey roller is a hollow rubber ball whose walls are so full of holes it looks almost lacy. Here's a picture of one:
LOL! is *that* what that is?? I keep staring at it every time I go to the pet supply store and trying to figure out what purpose it serves. The two dogs I've had in my life were never insanely interested in toys. Ben rarely will touch one, and my old dog Coorain only liked sports balls--he actually taught himself to play catch--so I've never really needed to get creative with toys. Well, well, you learn something new every day.
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