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She is scared of everything!

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Greetings Everyone,

Long time to no see :)

I am back, because I would like to address an issue with our adorable BC. She is now ~ 2y/o, everything is awesome, except for one thing: she is scared of EVERYTHING, even her own shadow sometimes. From my understanding, she took it from me, I am often scared that things might go wrong (dog getting hit by car, etc) when we are outside and what not.

There  also was a slight situation change, we now have a second dog, a 6 m/o Pomeranian, who made herself the boss of everyone. But that didn't change anything for our BC.


Examples of what might scare her during a normal day:

- sudden noise in the house of something falling to the ground

- a trash can during a walk

- me getting close to her while she eats

- a kid toy, like a 4 wheel bike she never saw before, when out on a walk

She was never hit, mistreated or anything. The only time she got hurt by someone/something else is when she got hard bitten by a big german sheppard with behavior issues, more than a  year ago.


So, I was wondering, what can I do to help her get "over it" and be less scared of everything all the time? 





Picture of her taking a nap while we HW.


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Has your dog always been like this, or is this a new or relatively new behavior?  Border collies are known to be quick to react to things, as they have the instinct to be hyper aware and react quickly to the movement of stock. What does your dog do when she reacts to something - what behavior does she exhibit? I am asking because i wonder if it is really fear or only a startle reaction rather than being actual fear.

What is it that makes you think that she is getting it from you? Are you fearful of things happening to her when you are out on a walk with her? Do you react strongly to sudden noises yourself, or do you suddenly pull her away from things or make a noise?

Does she seem to go around most of the time with a fearful attitude, tail tucked and ears back and so on? Or, does she only jump when something startles her?

Asking these questions to clarify the situation so as to offer my best advice.

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