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HI, I am wondering if my young dog will grow her coat back. she dropped coat a few months after her heat, but this past week I had her Spayed. will her coat grow back???


thanks Judy and the crew

Tia (GSD) The Queen

ADCH Brodie (BC) The Man


Sony (BC) the peanut, recently spayed and hating this crate rest !

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Usually they do regrow their coat after blowing it for hormonal reasons (heat, pregnancy, false pregnancy). This will sometimes take 6 to 8 months, though. All my females have been spayed so here I'm talking about my patients, who I know less intimately... maybe someone who has a female who went through a similar process (heat, blow coat, spay) can reassure you on a more personal-exeriential basis, though...?


Hey - at least she had a coat to blow! I'm still waiting for Finn to grow one... :rolleyes:

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I don't have a lot of first hand knowledge on this either. Most of the bitches I've had cycle were smooth coated dachsies. However, when Darcy had her first false pregnancy I thought she was going to be nearly bald before it was all over. Her coat grew back in thicker in the end. I have also heard others say that after thier dogs were spayed the coats became thicker.


Sorry, not exactly what you wanted to hear. Maybe someone else with more experience can be more encouraging.

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