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Fireworks, Thunder, and other noises

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Haven't posted in quite a while. Sadie was 2 years old on the 15th. I love her to pieces. She is such a good dog. We still have a few issues but nothing major. I am actually thinking about picking up dog frisbee (with tricks and stuff) because I don't really need equipment, except myself, my dog and frisbees. There is a beautiful open safe space to train not 2 minutes away. I do still plan on picking up agility, but I don't have a yard and no dog school near me that offers classes (the next one is 1 1/2 hours away).

So on to my actual post:
Our first Silvester (2020) was ok. she was curious about the noise and suspicious but she was chilling on the couch with me and looking out the winter.

up until silvester 2021 she was not scared of thunder, and she did react to loud noises as in she looked up and in the direction but that was basically it. if she was asleep most times she wouldn't even wake up.

On december 31st of 2021 Sadie ran away because she got startled by firecrackers and slipped out of her collar (please don't rake me over the coals on this one. Please keep in mind that 1. this is my first dog, she had no problem last year and I actually went sooner than I normally would have to prevent exactly this. I did not see this comming or had any kind of experience for this 2. No, i will not have her in only a collar for the whole of december an djanuary at least. 3. nothing you can or will say will be as bad as what I am blaming myself with) YOU GUYS CHIP YOUR ANIMALS!!!!!!!!! Since Sadie slipped out of her collar her dog tag did nothing for either of us

Since then she is afraid of fireworks, especially firecrackers, thunder (there was a thunder storm directly above us. she climbed underneath my blanket - has never done that before - and shivered away), if the windows are open and there is a draft (one of my windows slammed shut once in a draft) or when the windows are open and there is wind blowing/ a storm and the leaves are rustling loudly. Sometimes also when something loud is happening outside.
Except for fireworks and firecrackers the thunder storm was the most scared I have seen her. With everything else and any "normal" thundering she mainly retreats into the bathroom, occaisonally into the shower tray. There she lays down and continues napping - she is not panting, barking, pacing or anything. She just gets up, goes into the bathroom, maybe looks around a bit and then naps. She is reluctant to come out though it is possible to persuade her - she will interact, eat, play and get affection but will return into the bathroom after.
Closed windows definately make the whole situation better - she is only slightly suspicious of loud wind or noises and just looks and eventually goes back to napping or veeeeery casually and unhurridly goes into the bathroom. Thunder is reguarded with slightly more than suspicion.

My question now is 1. what can I do in regards to silvester? If there is a chance to do this without medication I would prefere that, but I am not above using medication if it will improve my dogs quality of life. 2. what can I do in regards to the other things? Most of them developed over the summer when I had the windows open.

since silvester 2021 sadie is now actively afraid of fireworls, fire crackers and loud thunder storms or ones that are directly above us.
If there is a draft or loud wind blowing outside she will go to the bathroom and sleep there

1. what can I do in regards to silvester and thunder storms?

2. what can I do in regards to everything else that make her decide to go into the bathroom?


P.S. she also retreated into the bathroom when it was too hot for her since there are tiles and it is the coolest room in my appartment. what stood out to me was she would actively get up with any of the above mentioned stimuli and walk into the bathroom where before she was happy napping somewhere else

Thank you so much in advance for taking the time to read and comment.
Tnak you for the advise cou can and are willing to give

Kiki & Sadie








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Very nice looking dog.

What is a silvester?

You could try a thunder shirt. It helps some dogs. What I have found, though is that there is nothing I can do to make the fear go away. I try to be home when there will be a thunderstorm (although this is not always possible) and I am always home if there will be fireworks. I cuddle up with the dog and talk to him or her and just hang out with the dog and this does seem to help over time. Now when there's noise, the one dog I have who has always been afraid of it will just come straight to me, curl up next to me and seems to be greatly calmed by just being next to me and petted. He is not anywhere near as frightened by it as he used to be.

From what you describe your dog is not as afraid of the noise as my dog used to be.


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D'Elle, I think Silvester was a hurricane or another very loud natural weather thing.

Waffletastic, I used to go to the vet for a tranquilizer for my guy at 4th of July and New Years. Not necessary any more, he's almost 14 and pretty deaf. Slept right through the 4th this year and will probably do the same for New Year's Eve.

I can't remember the name of the drug my vet prescribed, I got 3 or or so pills and they got cut in half, I think.


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Oh, new year's. Yes , that can be as loud as the 4th of July.

I stay home and hang out with the dogs. I think they are much calmer just knowing I am there. You could try putting on music on that night. I haven't tried this. 

Of course music won't work for thunderstorms because most dog, or at least mine, knows it's coming long before it starts. Even if he couldn't hear it, he'd still be scared because I think it is the atmospheric pressure that he senses, and of course he would feel the thunder in his bones the same as I do. I think the same would be true of fireworks close by, although music might mask the sound if it is farther away.  

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I have a question,

What is your dog saying to you when it is fearful / afraid of a noise?

Comfort me? help me? secure me? drug me? love me? What exactly do people take out of a dogs fear of noises?

* when i am startled or spooked by a noise what do i do? turn around and look for what startled me. Dogs on the other hand, can get startled and have no idea where to look. This is where you need to step in and show them to look to you.

"its all good!" and move on.

My dogs learn to read me and re act off of me....I am my dogs rock, if i am not bothered than she isn't either.

Our life is fully off leash, in the city. The sound pollution is staggering and relentless. 


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