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Advice please - Border Collie addition to the family with 2 other dogs

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Hello, Advice would be much appreciated.
We have just taken a 1 year old Border Collie bitch called Cali on a trial basis (5 days so far) with a view to being permanent. We have 2 other dogs, Harry, a small male 2yr old Spanish Podenco hunting dog and Mickey, a 5 yr old male Golden Retriever/cross collie (we think).
We have a large covered terrace/conservatory where they all sleep in the evening, Cali & Harry in crates and Mickey on a settee. Cali spends her daytime at the moment in this room and the other 2 in the lounge. They all have access to our garden at various times during the day where they can play or just mooch about. Cali comes into the lounge in the evening for a while but on a lead as she can be very boisterous.
Mickey & Cali are going out twice a day with my husband for a walk, unfortunately Harry doesn´t go as he is very leash reactive to other dogs so I am doing lots of training to try & sort this, regrettably not a great deal of success so far but we´ll keep going. We plan to take Cali to obedience classes after Xmas as well as agility which the other 2 love. She certainly seems like a very bright girl so far with the training we´ve started.
In the first few days however Cali has destroyed the plastic mosquito curtain at the gate (now taken down) a towel we had in her crate and Mickey´s bed, but we´re trying to limit access to anything more she could destroy. After reading up, I understand that this behaviour is quite common, especially at first and in young dogs?
I just want to be sure that I am doing the right thing for Cali, she seems very content in the conservatory, she has her crate, various chairs and a settee to lay on and a box full of toys and chews. We go in there regularly to sit with her and give her cuddles, she is very affectionate.
She plays well with the others most of the time, although Harry does seem to be telling her off a lot, sometimes this comes across as a bit aggressive and I´m not sure if this is jealousy of toys &/or me or just irritation that she is here. However at times they will just sit together on the terraces in the garden looking out at the park.
I suppose I´m just looking for reassurance that Cali is ok as she is at the moment, separated for quite a while from the other 2, to try & give them all rest times and keep the boisterous play to a reasonable level. We are really seriously considering keeping her, she is a lovely bright and affectionate girl, just want to do the right thing for all of them.

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