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Now she is constipated after diarrhea


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Jasmine had a run for a couple days with my other lab pup. I fasted them for a day and then fed them rice and some chicken with a bit of pumpkin for two days. she hasn't gone bathroom for two days (I don't know if she does go while I am out but I have been watching at all times when I am home)


I would think it's normal not to go a little while after diarrhea but starting to worry now. Her tummy is getting big. Anything I can give her to fix at home?


She is also on potty training and I just got her a kennel that's connected to outside but she wouldn't use it unless I go with her--this might be giving her some stress?

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When in doubt...call your vet. They should be able to tell you over the phone if you need to bring the dog in or not.


Also my dog have runny stools for about 2 days and on the 3rd we went to the vet. He picked up some livestock parasite from eating grass in pasture. 1 pill later he was fine. So, you never know what it could be. Best to check with the vet, especially with a pup.



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