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URGENT! Votes Needed to Help Rescue Border Collies

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Hi, everyone. I haven't been around lately and am kicking myself that I didn't think to post here sooner.

Fresh Pet's sponsoring a Fresh Start contest https://freshpet.com/fresh-start/ that runs through tomorrow (9/28) with awards of $1,200 to each of the top vote recipients in 5 US regions. New England Border Collie Rescue has been jockeying with another rescue for days now and the voting's so close that we have a real chance to win this contest if we can just get some more peeps to vote for NEBCR today and tomorrow. You can vote once every 24 hours. https://freshpet.com/fresh-start/new-england-border-collie-rescue/ They'll immediately send a confirmation email that you have to verify your vote for it to count.

Voting's easy and they also make it easy to share the contest with your friends on FB or email. Can you please help this great rescue win the funds to help the flood of border collies in need that have been flooding in in recent months?  We're so close that every vote will count!

Please vote and get everyone in your household to vote from all their email accounts as well. International votes seem to be being counted as well. All they ask for is a valid email account. And set a reminder on your phone to vote tomorrow too.

I can't tell you how much we - and the dogs this will help - appreciate it!  Thanks so much.



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This is it, the last day to vote for New England Border Collie Rescue's chance to win $1,200 in the Fresh Pet Fresh Start contest. Time's of the essence now. With a concerted effort we can make a final push to win this contest. Here's how we do it:

Make sure that everyone in your home votes.
https://freshpet.com/.../new-england-border-collie-rescue/ (or
https://freshpet.com/fresh-start/ if that one doesn't work). Be sure to look for and respond to the confirmation email that will come to inbox as soon as you cast your vote. Then share with all your FB and email friends.

We can do this, but we'll need everyone's help!

Many thanks for sticking with us this far.





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