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Is your bc a Velcro dog?

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My bc  is ONLY a Velcro dog if I'm doing something, if I'm doing stuff she is always with me. But if I'm not doing anything I'm boring so she's off doing her own thing.

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My Aussie/Border Collie mix is like that. She is about 50% at my feet and 50% off at various distances in a choice spot, snoozing. If I’m up and about, she checks in and goes her own way.

My Border Collie is the opposite. She is almost always at my feet indoors, and she follows me around the house a good bit as well. Outdoors, she likes to run around and explore the yard.

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It kind of depends. As my dogs get older they get less Velcro. 

If I’m wearing house clothing not really Velcro unless I grab a toy or treat. Most time they are doing whatever they want. It helps that I work from home so at least 16 hours(work and sleep) in a day I’m not doing much other then using the bathroom or making food for myself. They get bored pretty fast.

If I get dress to go out they definitely take notice. 

if I grab any dog items they Velcro themselves to the door.

If I’m packing for a trip they are definitely more following me around but they normally join me on any trips so no surprise.

ETA: I normally go for more independent dogs. 

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All our border collies have preferred  our company to doing their own thing. I am currently in my office and have a border collie asleep under my desk and another out of sight but will move as soon as I do. At home they go off to their favorite spots but they always know what we are up to, go hang the laundry out and we have helpers although are useless using pegs.

Our last foster dog (my jealous boys have stopped me fostering) had the choice of 2 homes, one living in a flat with a single women who wanted a constant companion, going for coffee, going on runs etc... or a country property where they talked about how much space he would have to explore. I chose the single lady with the flat, he is a very happy boy and they have a great life together, he needed a companion not acres. 


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Four current BC boys, varying degrees of velcro-ness.  The oldest is more velcro to my SO than to me, but they have such a bond it is amazing.  I.E., if my SO is at his desk, the dog will be under the desk, but much of the time he just will go off and lie wherever he wants.  Our house is not so large he does not know where we are.

Second oldest is not a close velcro, but he will always know where you are, and is always watching.  You move, he moves, but he may be watching from the doorway, or from the doorway down the passage.  Exception is when we are exercising the dogs, and I have a treat bag.  Then he spends a huge amount of time heeling nicely and doing puppy dog eyes for treats.  On the other hand, he is the dog who is equally focussed on what the other dogs are doing.

Third dog is a cuddle bug.  You sit down, he wants to cuddle and get love, but if you get up and he is comfortable, he will wait for you to come back.  He does love to hold your hand.


Youngest dog is a velcro dog.  I cannot go to the bathroom without him wanting to join me.  If I move in the night, he jumps up and wants attention.  He pesters for attention when I get home, sit at the table or desk etc.  If I get up and move, he is with me.


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My Border is definitely a sort of velcro dog. But she is perfectly happy and sometimes actually prefers her own space. A lot of the time she loves to lean up next to me or sit next to me but if she wants to chill out and sleep she is not happy about noise so will go off to her crate.

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