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my BC is acting calm so I am worried that he is sick

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My 2 year old BC is acting quiet calm today , not pulling during the walk, not jumping on my daughter when she came home, not trying to steal food from the kitchen,.., He is behaving too well so I am worried that he is sick.

He ate today from my hand because he is like that everytime he has a period of my dad spoiling him and he is drinking ( inside!! )

I am worried about him being sick . Weird as it sounds I miss my hyperkinetic , stubborn, noisy dog :(

Should I go to the vet ? Or am I overreacting? 

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If he's eating and drinking normally, not limping, walking/running normally, responding to you normally, eliminating normally, that checks all the boxes for Not Sick Or Injured. If he starts doing any of the things I mention above look into it.

He may simply be maturing ~ 2ish is around the time for some dogs. Or he might have worn himself out and is just taking a break. If you're doing any training, keep at it but train for less time and maybe skip the more physical things you might be training for.

Let us know what happens.

Ruth & Gibbs

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I´m not sure about taking his temperature . His nose feels normal. He ate his food this evening , he got his zoomies when it rained, he chased the cat of the neightbours away, ...  

And he went back to this quiet , calm, weird state. Now he is resting next to me on the sofa. 

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I had to know it . He is sick . I have called the vet after he started with diarrhea and he vomited his food with some yellow bile . The vet said to stay calm and wait . As long as he eats and drinks there is no reasons for panic. Of course, I am home panicking but she doesn need to know that :)

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