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Quick question regarding the control unleashed books I have seen recommended on here.

I have been looking for the book here in Canada and have been unable to find it to purchase. Found an American website I can order from and have it shipped. My question is which would be better, the original or the puppy edition? My puppy is just over 5 months old, but she is not really a “blank slate” at this point, not sure if the puppy one is more to do with first steps and bringing your puppy home sort of stuff or for all ages of puppyhood. She knows many commands very well, more looking to address some of her reactivity in certain situations. 

Thanks for any advice!

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You want the puppy edition, simply because it is written better. The material in both books is very similar but the original is written for professional dog trainers and is very specifically geared towards agility. The puppy edition despite its title is more broadly focused, it’s not a puppy primer.

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I purchased both books. I read the pup one first and then read the original. Unlike what most people have said I actually found the original book easier to follow and more in tune to my adolescent dog. It was also a nice refresher to have read the puppy book first and then read the second. I found I was still learning new things with each book. I'm also in Canada and purchased both books from Amazon.ca. Such great useful books. 

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