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Amanda Milliken in Conversation

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Sharing a message from Bob Stephens, President of the Canadian Border Collie Association:

Fellow sheep dog enthusiasts;

The Canadian Border Collie Association is pleased to announce the release of the documentary film Amanda Milliken In Conversation. The film is an intimate portrait which offers a rare glimpse into Amanda’s thinking on breeding, training and handling sheep dogs.

Amanda tells us how she got started in her career and we join her on the field as she trains her current young dog and talks about her approach to building the partnership that has made her a winner over and over again.

She recounts the story of the ‘dog wars’ - the dramatic fight to preserve the working Border collie, a fight that resulted in the establishment of  Canada’s breed registry; the Canadian Border Collie Association. 

She shares memories and anecdotes, sometimes humorous, from the early years of herding in Ontario;  how trial competition refined the skills of both dogs and handlers and how the Kingston Sheep Dog Trials grew from a humble event in her back field to one of the most important herding trials in North America. 

Amanda Milliken In Conversation  is an entertaining and educational portrait of one of our sports’ most accomplished members. It is full of gems for sheep doggers of all levels.

We invite you to share this film with your members on your website and social media pages.  It can be found here:  https://www.canadianbordercollies.org/showcase-amanda


Bob Stephens

President, Canadian Border Collie Association

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