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our BC has just started dropping to the ground

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Hi All, 

We have a beautiful male BC who is 10 years old.  We have had him since he was a pup. Over the past few weeks he has started dropping to the ground when we are walking back inside and refuses to move.   We have no idea why he has suddenly started doing this are we are worried about him.   I had started using a new de-odouriser on the mats and wondered whether it was the smell. We have taken all the mats up and put them outside however it didn't make any difference.  We have tried treats, this works sometimes and other times it doesn't.  Has anyone experienced the same problem?   Many thanks.  Michelle 

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I suggest taking this dog to get a thorough check up at the vet. This could be a physical problem, like being unable to walk up the steps (if you have any) without pain, or not wanting to walk on the slippery floor (if you don't have carpet) or some other thing that you can't readily see. Make sure first that it is not something physical before doing anything else.

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