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My BC has almost biten my daughter over her blanket

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Yesterday night I came to the room with my daughter (12 years) scared of her loved BC and a complete calmed dog. 

Our BC ,as a puppy tended to growl and nip when he didn't get what he wanted but after many hours in the dog school he has become a sweet nice dog . Complete trust worthy with children. Not so much with some dogs.

Last night , as many nights, he started jumping a blanket of my daughter. He is not castrated and he gets excited about some blankets, sometimes. I corrected him by telling him to stop . Normally after one or two times he stops. But last night , after I left the room to get something, I heard a short growl and aggressive barking . And I run to the room and my scared daughter told me that she tried to stop him from bumping her blanket by taking him from his fur, he growled (so she let go immediately) and when she did, he showed teeth and bited her T-shirt. 

That sounds as his old puppy behaviour . I know the owners of his brothers are having these kind of issues but I thought he had learned better. 

My daughter blames herself and asks me what she did wrong and why he got angry with her. I don't know if this is isolated or I should worry. He is almost 2 years. 

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You should worry, in my opinion. Grabbing the dog's fur was not a good idea on your daughter's part, but she should not have gotten bitten for it! 

since you have tried to train this dog and at this point it is clear that there is a problem, I recommend that you immediately get help from a certified dog behavior expert. Make sure it is not someone who thinks that the way to stop this is with any violence toward the dog, as that is likely to make him worse. I would also recommend getting him castrated. At his age it is appropriate for him to be neutered, and many dogs calm down when that is done. The biting is serious enough, however, that you need expert help in addition to neutering and you need it fast, because he is currently learning that he can get what he wants by biting.

The fact that his siblings are having the same issues is not a good sign, as it may indicate poor breeding practices on the part of the breeder. Certainly if the breeder is aware of these characteristics and is still breeding the same pair, it is a highly unscrupulous breeder. This doesn't mean your dog cannot be trained to do better, but it may mean that it will take some time and a lot of absolutely consistent  work on your part. If you love this dog, it's worth putting all the time and work into it.

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