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How common IS epilepsy in working bred border collie? I know I read somewhere it’s about 2% of the breed but I don’t know if that is accurate. I was looking at border collies pedigree recently and there are a LOT of dogs closely related to dogs with seizures. (1-2nd Cousins, Aunts/Uncle, father/mother, grandfather/grandmother)
just curious does anyone know of a line that  is truly seizure free or not possible since all border collies can be traced to a popular dog?

Is there a rule of thumb about seizures when looking at parents pedigree? 

*I do realized the epilepsy database is only as good as people who report it and not all dogs have been reported.

picture since I adore my dogs and love the breed. I’m so excited to have another border collie puppy on the horizon! 


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Thank you so much for your answer! I think that is what I read before <3 didn’t realize it was about 5% of border collies were affected.  

Is there any rule of thumbs about looking at pedigree? My current rule I look at the parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. If their are multiple seizures on both sides of the pedigree closely related(cousins, Aunts/Uncle to a potential cross I pass on a pup. 
Is it wrong to assume a pup with multiple 1st cousins/aunts/uncles on their paternal and maternal side would have a higher chance for seizures? 

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25 minutes ago, Mark Billadeau said:

Not 5%, <5%

Usually a “<“ is used when surveys on prevalence find a small number of affected in a random sample that is not large enough to get a good assessment of the entire population.

Thanks for clarifying my misread!


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