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Hi guys!

As some of you know, I got a puppy. I have her for two weeks now and tomorrow she will be 11 weeks old. She is ADORABLE!
She is cuddly, very friendly and we are working on getting her more accutsomed to the city and noises and....everything. She is doing reeeeeally well!
We are still figuring each other out and she is very sensitive - which I have to remind myself time and time again.

I do have 2  questions though:

1. She is doing really well with potty training. We do have a few accidents here and there, nothing major - but she consistently pees in her create and her bed. She eats, sleeps, and spends time there when I send her there. And every once second day or so she goes to her create / bed and just....pees. Yesterday she peed on both, twice in the create actually. What do I do?

2. As I said above, I have to send her to her bed / create. How do I show / teach her to go there on her own and stay there? I want her to go there when she wants to sleep during the day, chew on a toy, etc


I hope I managed to post the pictures in chronological order.








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She's ADORABLE! I've never raised a pup, so I can only tell you what I've heard and read from others. There's quite possibly a urine smell in her bedding that draws her to that spot to urinate again. If you are already washing her bedding thoroughly, then make sure you're wiping down the hard surfaces in the crate as well.

Can't help you with teaching her the crate is her 'bedroom' either. Someone else will come along.

And we do love puppy pix here, ~ more please!

Ruth & Gibbs

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Make sure that her crate space is only big enough for her. If there is too much room, she can pee in one corner and sleep in another. Also, be sure that she has emptied her bladder before you put her in there, this may involve a fair amount of going outside and waiting for her to pee.

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@ urger to herd OH I have more! so many more pictures!

@puppytoes, @gentlelake: she only pees in the crate when the door is open! as soon as the door is closed there is no problem at all. There wasn't a single accident when it was closed, not even at night. But if the door is open, she lies/sleeps in it, plays and then pees in it or just goes in, pees and leaves.
Same with her 'bed'. She sleeps on it, plays on it and eventually pees on it.
Oh and I always put her in the crate after she peed, but like I said, there is no problem at all when the door is closed.

I do wash the surfaces down after every accident, and put something on for the smell.

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Leave the door to the crate closed. the best way to stop this is to prevent it. 

I am not clear on why you think it is important for her to go into her crate to rest during the day. I don't see why it would matter. Just let her rest wherever she wants to that is OK with you, but only put her in her crate when you need her to stay there. Make sure you take her out to potty before she goes into the crate. And I second the advice on crate size.

Once she is no longer a puppy, and is fully potty trained, you can leave the crate door open again and see if she chooses to use it as her bed or not. 

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4 hours ago, waffletastics said:

...she only pees in the crate when the door is open!...

That's pretty odd. Something's got her confused.

I'd close the door when she's not in it so that she can break the pattern and learn to ask to go out. I doubt it'll take long and then you can leave the door open for her to use the crate again if she chooses to nap or whatever. Just make sure the new behavior's firmly established before leaving the door open again so that she doesn't backslide.

Quirky border collies. :rolleyes:

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OMG she is precious!! Love puppy pics! Can't offer much advice as to the peeing. Only thing that comes to mind is maybe she wants to pee on something soft and absorbent the way the grass is outside? Outside of her crate, is it flooring or carpet etc? Good luck and let us know how it goes! And welcome to the forum! I'm new too and have gotten some great advice here.

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