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Todd and Gin Lines?

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Good evening all, this forum has brought me so much joy! I am posting this in the hopes that crowdsourcing will send me in the correct direction here.  We lost our wonderful Border Collie, Iseult (Izzy) three months ago after 14 years and 3 months together.  She was the cornerstone of our family and we will never be the same without her, but she gave us so many incredible memories and we are thankful for all the time we had with her and all she taught us.  Her emotional intelligence, work ethic and intuition were truly remarkable and we would love to find another pup related to her.  
We have just begun to think about another Border Collie and are researching whether anyone is still  breeding her lines.  She was by Todd out of Gin (both dam and sire were TBC-Thompson's Border Collies/Karen Lacey), and possibly registered under Christine Schwartz as well.  Her grandfather was Imported Mick, who was a rather large Border Collie and gave Izzy her size at 50 pounds.  Karen has changed to lighter lines due to her age and difficulty lifting the larger ones up when she is working them on sheep.  Christine and Karen are also looking through her records, but I wanted to put this out there in case anyone knows of her lines being bred somewhere!  Thank you all very much for your time!




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