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This is our newest addition. Wisk came from a cattle ranch and has been an absolute dream puppy (so far -he hasn't reached his teenage days yet). And one of our senior (the original puppy), Orbit. As always, it's so informative to read the questions and answers provided here.







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Wisk is growing into a lovely dog for the most part. He is pretty bombproof for a border collie in that he isn't upset or surprised by any new or strange noises or objects. He loves kids and other dogs and he is adorable.

But...he really is the most sensitive dog I've ever had handler wise. My older border collie Orbit, needed a firm hand but Wisk doesn't respond well at all to pressure or even a firm voice. I've realized this and am trying to be gentle in the way that I correct and handle him. We have 3 kids and life can be a bit hectic and I don't feel like Wisk is bonded to me in the same way as my previous 2 were. When out for a walk, he is more interested in the world around him and he would always rather you throw a ball than pet him. That's not to say that he doesn't want attention, because he does seek it out but on his terms. 

I'm wondering is this just the way some dogs are? Is there anything specific I can do to try and improve our bond. It seems to me that he is always a bit suspicious of my intentions, distrustful maybe. I'm the one that trims his nails, cleans his wounds, takes away toys when it's been enough etc. My husband says it's in my head but if there are things I can do, I'd like to try. We do trick training and he enjoys that and he gets lots of interesting offleash time.

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