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Gibbs is 13 now, for those of you who don't know he is a re-home. He was bred and trained to be a working dog, and he didn't show any 'fire' for it, so he came to live with me at about 2 and a half years of age.

In ALLLLL the years I've had him, I've tried to teach him to tug. He Would Not Tug. It's a game I've enjoyed with my previous dogs and but he didn't take to it at all. Tugging is actually a good exercise for his back legs, where both knees have a little damage. I've got a knotted up rag that I've used to get him to tug. Nada. Nothing. Zero. 

So a couple times a week I still got the rag out, would play with it with him, toss it for him to go after and bring back to me, etc. Yesterday For The First Time Ever, he grabbed that rag and tugged, tugged, tugged. His tail was wagging, eyes were sparkling . . . I almost broke out the champagne. Maybe later today I will.

It's a simple thing, yes, but it's something he seems to enjoy, it's good for his knees, and I love a rousing game of tug. And when my dog is grinning up at me, it makes me grin right back at him.

Ruth & Gibbs


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23 minutes ago, Flora & Molly said:

Ah those simple things can be the best!! :lol: 


Isn't that the truth. My little scruffy terrier, whom I love with all my heart, not only will not tug but will not take anything from anyone's hand unless it is food. I've never known a dog who would not take his favorite toy if I tried to hand it to him. If he ever does take it, I will want to celebrate, and if he ever tugged I would break out champagne. 

(after I picked myself up off the floor where I feel over in shock ;)

Congratulations to you and happy tugging!

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