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How obsessed with Border collies are you?

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i dont think a day goes by where im not googling border collie reviews and informations or watching youtube videos (i've watched dogs101 border collies more times then i can count), reading footrot flats things or re reading my border collie books!

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And I still check this and other forums I'm a member on a couple of times a day even though barely anyone posts any more on forums! Haha

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I genuinely love all pets and especially dogs but Border Collies are very special to me. I've never had a different breed and BC has been my first dog. Many were advising against getting a BC since they are not the easiest breed and definitely not for the first time dog owner but I like a challenge. Everything I have learnt about dogs is through my beautiful boy. I am a very quick learner though and so is he so this has been quite a journey for both of us. Our boy is beautiful, smart, sensitive but also occasionally head-strong, loyal, loving and very very special indeed.  I would never ever even consider a different breed. So overall I guess I am pretty obsessed. 

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