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Hisrorical Border Collie?

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Well, of course I'm not sure he's a Border Collie, but it's a safe bet he's the smartest person pictured.  :P


"Washing and panning gold, Rockerville, Dakota. Old timers, Spriggs, Lamb and Dillon at work. The Black Hills Gold Rush began in 1874. The first arrivals were a force of one thousand men led by George Armstrong Custer to investigate reports that the area contained gold, even though the land was owned by the Sioux. They found small amounts of gold in present day Custer, South Dakota, and looked for better paying locations. They moved north, establishing the towns of Hill City, Sheridan, and Pactola. At each spot they found flakes of gold, but not the bonanza they sought."

Contributor: Science History Images / Alamy Stock Photo

Border Collie Panning for Gold.jpg

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Great photo!  Probably not a border collie in the modern meaning.  But very likely to be a "farm collie" of the type that was common in rural America in the 19th century.  All these collies share a common ancestor.  English shepherds in the US are probably the closest modern breed to the farm collies.  Thankfully, English shepherds have not yet been co-opted by the AKC.

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