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My 8yr. old BC

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Hello, I am a single owner of my B.C. I have had her since she was 12 weeks old. To keep it short for the moment, she is becoming fearful of everything, -even going out "to do her business". She gets regular vet checks and she has had 2 ACL operations on her rear legs over the years. When I say "it is time to out" she looks at me and shows her teeth! She has been an absolute pleasure up to this point. I am associating her behavior possibly to something that happened to her at the Vet? She has been by my side all of her life. Now she is also beginning to ignore my commands. She has been my best friend. Should I take her to a different Vet? She has been "noise fearful" all of her life. (dishwasher, heater, blow dryer, etc.) you B.C. owners know what I am talking about. She is loved and well cared for. -Any insight or advice out there?



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