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Buddy’s new passion for swimming

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Buddy is one of my “guest dogs” (I’m a parttime dogsitter) and when I first met her she was a bit scared to swim. Just getting her paws wet was enough excitement for her.
Now though, she is an expert water jumper! I was merely the ball thrower in this whole process and my dog Molly really deserves all the credit: she taught Buddy how to swim. I’d throw a ball and Molly would get it and then in the shallows would play with it a bit to entice Buddy to get in the water, very cute. That finally led to Buddy now jumping right in - Molly even lets her get the first ball which she never allows another dog to do. 

Very proud of both the dogs. :lol: If it were up to me I wouldn’t give Buddy back to her owners, but alas, they love her too...

(It’s a safe spot to jump in like this and they can wade in as well if they prefer)


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This is a perfect title for a thread I could write!

Our Buddy is a 10 y.o. Australian shepherd mix, a rescue at the age of 15 months.  For years he would wade up to his belly but no farther.  He slowly became comfortable following me into swimming-depth water.  Then in the last year, he has taken up swimming in a big way, encouraged by BC Levi.  He won't do any spectacular jumps as in your wonderful photos, but he gets very excited when he knows we are going to the creek.  He goes right into the deep water and swims long distances (for a 10 y.o.).

It's great what smart dogs will teach each other.

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