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Obsessed boarder collie

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My almost 3 year old Boarder Collie has become obsessed with running in an 10’  circle in the yard . (almost pacing.) Wearing a dirt path in the grass .    She barks at the house because she wants someone to watch her. Taking only tiny breaks to drink water. She will do it for hours and hours regardless of the weather . She used to avoid going out side in the rain but not now.  She was pacing in a torrential down pour the other day . .  If I make Her come inside she rarely wants to play inside with the ball she loves(ed).  She just constantly rings the bells to go back out side.  She will only settle down at night when we make her come in for the night.   This morning opened the back door and she ran by me so fast she took my legs right out from under me.   Help!  She was never like this until about 3 months ago 

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