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Low sugar levels


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Hi, I have a 2 year old Border Collie called Luna, and she’s having some problems so I was wondering if anyone could help? 

Around 4 days ago she started drooling a lot, having a really bad breath (way worse than usual), a fever and less energetic, we called our vet and they recommended buying a product to protect her stomach as she had probably just eaten something (she’s an extremely picky eater and doesn’t like dog food) after that she was a bit better then a day later we took her for a check up and the vet said they wanted to run some test but was ok to go home, later that night she got significantly worse, we rushed her back to the vet and she had a fever and they decided to keep her for 2 nights. 

Yesterday we got her back and she wasn’t the same dog, she was looked and acted as if she was sedated, when we got home she drank water for at least 10 mins. Initially we thought that she was just drained from her stay but as the night progressed she got weaker and weaker, we took her to pee and she was walking side to side, we ended up carrying her back inside as she didn’t want to walk anymore. After that we took her back to the vet but by then  she was completely unresponsive. At the vet they spent 2 hours stabilizing her and they informed us that she had a glucose level of 30 (extremely low) this was around 2 am, then again at 5 am she had the same episode at the vet and now apparently she can’t produce or regulate her glucose levels alone....


she had an ultrasound and that came out clear (she has something in her kidneys) her blood test came out fine, no diabetes, urine test came clear. they noticed ulcers in her mouth, she is a bit underweight as she’s a picky eater and we believe she was the smallest from the litter, other than that she is an extremely active dog and relatively healthy. 


Does anyone have an idea of what she could have or what tests we could run ? thank you. 

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