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11 week old puppy fractured canine tooth


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My 11 week old puppy caught his tooth on something and it fractured at the gum line, there's a small corner of his tooth left but it basically fractured in the centre then down and across, it was his long canine tooth and it's now equivalent to a small back tooth, there's a red bump where the half of his tooth is missing coming out from the gum line, it's almost like a blood blister and causes him no pain, he yelped when he cracked his tooth but let's me touch it and the area around it with no pain, he has a vet appointment on the 29th for his shots and I will ask them about it then, but I would prefer not to get it pulled as these are only his puppy teeth, has anyone else had this or know what that is and what did you choose to do? I have dental background and I know it's not the pulp or roots or he would be in intense pain, I believe it's a blood blister from the angle he fractured the tooth on, I'm just more worried about an infection


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