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Hi all, 

I am coming away from Jon Katz's A Good Dog (I didn't know going in... what a mistake <_<) and I was wondering if anyone had any book suggestions to cleanse the mind! 

I enjoy memoirs or history-- anything related to working Border collies, sheepdogging, or keeping sheep. 

I've read Donald McCaig's books, adored Patricia Mcconnell's Education of Will, and so forth. 

What else would you recommend? 


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I have not read it myself, but have read some good things about "The Shepherd's Life: A Tale of The Lakes District" by James Rebanks. Another British author is David Kennard, who writes about his sheep and his border collies.  Again have not read his work myself, but seems to get good reviews.


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3 hours ago, D'Elle said:

"Bones Would Rain From The Sky" by Suzanne Clothier. Gets 5 stars from me.

I don't think I could stop at 5 stars for this one.

Although it's an older book and a lot of it's about training a working sheepdog I really like H. Glyn Jones' A Way of Life.

I also enjoyed The Shepherds' Life by James Rebanks a lot too. More a story about his way of life shepherding than a training book.

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